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Previous Entry Rethinking physical routine Mar. 5th, 2006 @ 06:00 pm Next Entry
I'm thinking through what to use as a "neurolinguistic programming anchor" for doing the following in sequence:
  • Yoga: Fish
  • Yoga: Inclined plane series (basic, one leg off ground, one arm off ground: five iterations)
  • Yoga: Pigeon
  • Yoga: Diamond
  • Generic: seated splits

Some more consistency is in order. I would prefer to do this once per "day", whether I got up at 5AM or 3PM. None of the fixed time slots I've tried in the past two months have held up — yanking my circadian around to match my work schedule has prevented consistent focus at predictable clock times.

I'm also overdue for redoing my breathing into habitually correct form. That has been drifting the past several months, and went over the edge with the latest weather weirdness in my area. My prior default has been to "mix-and-match" Taoist physical technique with Iron Shirt's spinal alignment and Hatha Yoga, but further research appears to be in order.

"Before breakfast" is taken. I wanted to make sure that my chosen Western exercise set for that was sticking before experimenting further.
My work schedule has been getting in the way of my reading list. I've had a couple of times when consciously adapting Theravadan Buddhism's insight meditation has been critical in "pushing physical limits", but I'm having a much harder time converting that into a continual habit, than I did with Zen Buddhism's "monkey mind" exercise.
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