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automonastic's Journal

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automonastic is intended to be a community for discussion of theoretical, practical, and daily life aspects of monasticism/meditation/enacting spirituality/etc. (and literature thereof). Social/political discussion is welcome as long as it's tied into the main thrust of automonastic.
  • This is not strictly about Christian practices. Comparing/contrasting with other religions is part of my intention for the community.
  • Posts working within a religion should indicate which religion in the subject.
  • automonastic is not a forum for discussion/flaming about the doctrinal correctness of non-heterosexual orientations (including but not restricted to gay/lesbian, bisexuality, or BSDM). Correct forums, by religion: christianitysex [Christian].
Technical posting guidelines:
Please read and understand the technical posting guidelines for all of liberal, conservatism, and libertarianism in their userinfo pages. Make adjustments as required to reflect the thrust of automonastic. My only change: If you don't want something to be Googled, friends-lock the post.

-- zaimoni

Useful links:
NewAdvent.org Church Fathers
BuddhaNet PDF library
Hatha Yoga posture index, kripalu variant